Steel City – David Mellor and Sheffield – our day out

598446_10152176970999832_1134798691_n  1098330_10152176970419832_1879111888_n  1150853_10152176972509832_2042257537_n

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1208573_10151856358657495_1457650121_n   946349_10151856358537495_2112670349_n

946359_10151856359012495_1577296290_n   999607_10151856358222495_832579007_n

1173867_10151856358442495_108657997_n  1186306_10151856354232495_197469647_n  1187160_10152176972379832_555705482_n

A selection of images from our visit to the David Mellor factory, his former home at Park Lane and the Arts Tower sheffield 17.08.13.

Download notes here –

David Mellor & Park Lane

Arts Tower

(images Eddy Rhead & Jack Hale)

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