Granada TV – a sign of the times..

what’s in a name?

why did the recent disappearance of a rusty sign get so many knickers in a twist here in the mms office? surely there’s nothing too drastic about the removal of a redundant logo on the edge of town? why did it feel for a generation of north westerners that the sky itself had fallen in, not just some old lettering….

a city is more than an assemblage of buildings. no matter how grand (or mediocre) the architecture, a city is always more than its bricks and mortar. these, if you’ll forgive the pun, are merely the building blocks, waiting to be animated by its citizenry.

the last few weeks have seen a couple of significant losses to the city’s skyline – losses that both impoverish  the streetscape with their bold and colourful signatures and create gaping holes in the modernist landscape and its cultural legacy. the removal of Granada tv and Manchester House is more than just the loss of some lettering, signifying a blow to the unique and distinctive character of our city. and whilst this is not the saga of actual demolition (yet!) it is the story of something much bigger – the end of an era whose emblazoned logos and signage spoke of a local pride in the considerable influence of its home grown talents against the inexorable rise of international branding in its place.

Manchester landmarks famous as much for their typefaces  – evocative messages in font – as for their architectural significance, their individual trials and tribulations reveal much about changing attitudes and times.

a david and goliath tale in neon….

Manchester Evening News – Granada removes sign

Manchester Evening News – MOSI offers new home

The Guardian – affection for a red icon

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