St.Raphael the Archangel – listed

St Raphaels - Alan Boyson Station of the Cross - photo Christopher Marsden

Following a succesfull application by the Manchester Modernist Society to English Heritage – the uber lovely St.Raphael the Archangel (1961-3) in Stalybrige has now been listed Grade II. We visited the church in the Summer and were wowed by the overall design, the stained glass and the bespoke Stations of the Cross. We were saddened to hear just a couple of weeks after the visit that the Church was to be closed by the Diocese of Shrewsbury. St Raphaels is by Massey and Massey of Warrington. Dalle de verre stained glass by Pierre Fourmaintraux of Powells (Whitefriars Studios). Stations of the Cross and water stoops by Alan Boyson. Central pendant light fitting by McGloughlin of Dublin.

Our band of experts kicked into action and we immedieately submitted a listing application – outrageously, demolition was on the cards .. but this listing has come into force from December 13th and now we can breath easier. (for full reasons see here)

Sherries all ’round we think!

Manchester Evening News

The Guardian


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